About Us

How We Started

This is all due to my husband and us not being able to buy sauces hot enough for him anymore.

So we decided to start growing our own peppers; of course they had to be the hottest peppers to be found in the world. We were making sauces and didn’t have enough peppers to make another gallon of sauce so we dried the extra peppers.

The Road To Fire

My wonderful husband then decided to powder them and mix them with sea salt. He was very upset with me when I started selling the HOT SALT and he had very little left.

Until of course the next season of harvesting started. So far it has been a big hit for people who like a flavorful bite to their foods.

Family Home Grown

All of this is done right here in beautiful Dewey, Arizona. It is all done by hand from planting to packaging. Every pepper is personally hand picked and inspected to ensure only the highest quality is used for our products.